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Call Forwarding Instructions

It's Easier Than You Think To Forward Your Calls

Of the many American MediConnect, Inc. clients who forward their phones to us, 95 percent do so at the same time every day (usually around 5 p.m.), causing a short-lived phone crunch when your doctors and patients are trying to get through.

When you use 72# (Ameritech Call Forwarding) do you wait for an operator and then tell them, “We are gone for the day” ? You can save time by not waiting for our operator to answer.

We are here, of course, to answer your calls and provide top-notch service 24 hours a day. However, in most cases you don't need to talk to an operator when you forward your phones.

Use these instructions as appropriate:

For Clients Who Have a Personal Auto Answer or Greeting

On your account, you need not wait for an operator. As soon as you hear your greeting, Ameritech is satisfied that you know you have reached the right place. You can hang up and go home. Are we sure that's true? Try it.

  • Press 72# and dial your forwarding number.

  • Wait for your greeting; then hang up.

  • Call your office phone and see where it rings!

For Clients Who Don't Have a Greeting

Ameritech's forwarding procedure allows you to forward even if no one answers the phone.

  • Press 72# and dial your forwarding number.
  • Let it ring once; then hang up.
  • Press 72# a second time. Instead of ringing, the phone will give you a 3-beep confirmation tone, indicating that because you dialed the 72# with the same number twice, you have been forwarded.

That's all there is to it.

Click here for a comprehensive list of voice mail features and instructions.


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